The Law & Management approach refers to a body of research, which has been the subject of publications since the early 2000s mainly in the United States and in Europe.

It focuses on the ways in which companies can best profit from legal resources. The common denominator of this approach is that it seeks to show that the law is not merely a constraint weighing down Business, but that it can also be used as a tool for creating opportunities and allowing economic actors to differentiate themselves from their competitors. In particular, this approach focuses on the potential for the law to become a factor which influences the success and development of companies according to the capacity of company actors – mainly their managers and the lawyers who advise them – to use law as a source of advantage in economic life.

Our Ambition
– Promoting the law & management approach in particular so that it is better known in specialized journals and other disciplines
– Helping interested researchers to engage in this approach
– Creating a community gathering all the people working on this Field

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