In its latest report on over-compliance presented by AlenaDouhan, the United Nations points to unilateral sanctions and its negative effects on humanrights.

These difficulties emerge when overcompliance is used without prior assessment.

✅ blocking all financial transactions with a sanctioned target regardless of humanitarian exemptions or scope
✅ deterring authorised transactions
✅ freezing assets not targeted by sanctions
✅ preventing individuals from opening or maintaining bank accounts (…).

👨‍🏫 As presented by Christophe Collard and Roquilly Christophe, the effects of over-compliance can be positive when used for branding or creating leeways.

🏦 This report lists a series of recommendations for banks and financial institutions (measured compliance and over-compliance exclusion, monitor the human rights impact of their sanctions compliance policy, free flow of payments for goods necessary to guarantee the basic needs, etc.).


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